Tine Mlinarič

Tine Mlinarič, born in 1955 in Ižakovci ob Muri, is a poet, essayist and member of the DSP (Slovenian Writers’ Association). He has published many poetry collections, Dnika (1998), Kana (2002), Prebežniki (2005), Zamenjave (2007), and collections of essays, Ranljiva reka (1996), Beli možje (2000), Katedrale (2009) and Vretine dnik (2014). He is the author of the literary-journalistic guide Vse o … His work has been published in the following journals: Zvon, Sodobnost, Dialogi, and Apokalipsa. In 2008, his essay O transcendentnem v literaturi in umetnosti (On the Trandscendent in Literature and Art) was nominated for the best Slovenian essay by the journal Sodobnost. His translations have been published in Hungarian literary journals (Napút from Budapest). He lives in Ižakovci ob Muri.


(Foto: Denis Cizar) 


The graveyards came to life.
We fell, but it was not war that
Killed, nor was there an outbreak
Of infectious diseases. We did not bleed,

We simply stopped watering plants
And planting trees. One day
We heard about the Mura silt,
Mixed together with seeds,

About the sprouting of floral figurines
Inside it. Other examples taught us
That seasons of hope-less-ness
Weren't governed by laws of dying alone,

But by laws of birth as well.
We brought bundles of willow branches from the bosks,
And weaved them into the river banks.
The woods blossomed, and so did we ...


Translated by Tadeja Spruk

(Poetikon 65-66)