Jernej Kusterle

Jernej Kusterle, born in Jesenice in 1987, holds a master’s degree in Slovenian studies. He has published two poetry collections, Pesniška svoboda (2004) and Neskončne poljane digitalnih misli (2012), and released one album, Zapisi v dnevnik EP (2007). He was the editor of Železarska lirika (2014), an anthology of poems from Jesenice poets, which the JSKD (the Slovenian Public Fund for Cultural Activities) named the best self-published anthology book of 2014, and the organiser of the Verzionar poetry festival in Jesenice in 2015. He is also the poetry and reviews editor at Besedoholik, the Slovenian studies student journal.


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(Foto: arhiv avtorja) 

Removing the Face …

Unzipping one’s chest is to live.
You sunder your ribs and reach for the heart,
Clasp it into your fist, replace it with drums,
Rip out the veins and lace your body with flex.
Install membranes in place of the lungs,
Tear out the trachea, place a trumpet in your throat.
Wipe the patina off your tongue;
And let the musician become the music.


Translated by Tadeja Spruk

(Poetikon 55/56)