Vid Rotvejn Pajič

Vid Rotvejn Pajič, currenttly 19 years old, a medical student from the greenest country in the world.


(Foto: Murr)


Only together

Know myself – know yourself,
Father of your mind.
Look at your hands- look at mine,
Waving from the platform of far away thoughts…

What do i whisper – what do you whisper,
When i kiss you with a tongue
Of a speeding train?

Come to my compratment, father of your mind.
You did not know of its existance,
Hiding under drapes of being…
When we enter, you feel a sweet breeze.
Look at me – look at yourself,
An infant under the seat,
An egg of wisdom in a suitcase of youth…
Oil, unexploited on the field of the unconsciousness…

When we leave, you feel a sweet breeze…
And you get dizzy.
Window is projecting countries of our future.
Harness me – harness yourself,
Father of your mind.
Shall we?