Marko Elsner Grošelj

Marko Elsner Grošelj, born in Ljubljana in 1959, is a poet, essayist and writer of radio plays. He has published a booklet of poems, entitled Sredi Zapovedanega sveta (1985), and a number of poetry collections: Smeh konj (1986), Memento mori (1990), Kronika valovanja (1992), Odpoljubljeni (1993), Slike z dežele (2001), Zdržati samoto (2004), Jedkanice (2009), Vrnitev k sinjini / Neopisljiva bližina (2014). In 1995, ten of his radio plays were published in book form under the title Temenos, stvarjenje podob. He has presented his radio plays at Prix Italia (Stolp modrega konja, Vrnitev kiparke Camille Claudel), Prix Marulić (Vrnitev kiparke Camille Claudel) and at the Moscow radio drama festival (Peti jezdec). His work has been translated into English, French, Croatian, Bulgarian and Slovak. He lives and works in Mojstrana.


(Foto: Aleš Košir)

Days the Usual Way

(fragments of a fragment)
I live in a closet.
The nineteenth interpretation of butterflies out of three hundred and sixty-one.
Everything that is upside down is turned upside down again.
But it only appears as though it's turned upside down.
Everything is just fine.
It's not a question of fear,
Tests were run in the long days and nights,
The tireless training of a hind's leaps in garters.
The blood's been diluted, but the beaming remains.
The shimmering in a hand resolves to name time.
What's hidden in the quiet,
Behind the quiet,
What behind a painting, tightened into a corset,
Behind a word that brings coal
And removes weight,
What in deafness and a placid lake,
Does it still move or does it freeze with torpor,
Does it blend in with lava, with the appearance of things,
It cannot vanish.
This key does not open the secrets of the house.
We're going nowhere, though we're going steadily ...


Translated by Tadeja Spruk