Tomica Bajsić

Tomica Bajsić was born in 1968. in Zagreb, Croatia. Poet, prose writer, graphic artist and translator. He studied for three years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Author of four poetry collections, two books of prose, and a picture book for kids. Translator and editor of four international poetry anthologies. Twice awarded with national awards for poetry, Goran for young poets, and Dobriša Cesarić prize. His poetry and prose pieces are translated into many languages. He worked also in the fields of restoration, illustration and graphic design. He is an editor for poetry in translation in Croatian Poezija magazine and founder of Druga priča Design & publishing.


Hiše poezije Translations:

Having put down the receiver 

I see you: opening a double doors to the patio
and sitting into the deck chair
facing the pine trees
the children are building a Lego tower
on a quarter of a blanket
Cling!- you raise your coffee cup

it’s almost night: the stars are out.
our boy runs into your lap saying:
“I’d love to see what’s up there.”
you wait together until his heart calms down.
a gust of wind, you thinking of a sweater
Tick-tick: flies hit the lampshade


Translation Damir Šodan